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4 hours ago, malem said:

Dane and Oldiesmann are correct. The reputation score is the number of "like" votes (and, as of the latest forum software release, "HaHa" and "Thanks" reactions) your posts have received.

Does that mean that "confused" and "sad" reactions don't count toward the reputation score?

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It doesn't do anything for Tapatalk, just alerts in the notifications list of the site itself every time someone reacts to a post. I had to turn it off because it became obtrusive for me.

Tapatalk doesn't seem to understand the new reaction bar as being "likes" for the way it does things. 

I just noticed that if I go to my own profile there is a listing of reactions and mentions that is formatted enough like the notifications list used to work on Tapatalk that it suits me to just look at that instead. Since I can easily add pictures directly through the forum software too now and that was the initial reason I used Tapatalk, I think I can personally stop using Tapatalk in conjunction with KIC entirely now. 

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