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Baffled... optical illusion?


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The slope of the shed and track is a given... but what baffled me is it actually gives the effect that the logo is not only crooked, but false.  Being more specific - it makes pictures of it seem as though the name was photo shopped onto the shot.  LOL

I cant tell you... my OCD absolutely cannot handle it!

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I wonder why they just didn't line the logo up with the shed? It would've fit with the whole "old abandoned lumber mill" theme.  It could've been like at one point everything was straight and level, including the shed, but over time it has settled and now it's sloped a bit.  The fact that the shed is sloped but the logo is level with the ground, just makes it look like it was done intentionally and looks weird.  I think it would've been less noticeable if the logo was crooked with the shed.

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