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I Love Kings Island Because..

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I love Kings Island for a lot of reasons; shall I name them?


-The Bat

-(most of) the shows

-nostalgia (like seriously, when I think about/look the park's old 90's website, it makes me want to go back there again*)

-older (as in, pre-2001) rides like Drop Zone (yes, I said it lol), Beast, Flight of Fear, Adventure Express and Vortex (and of course The Bat, fka Top Gun)

-Firehawk and our other unique coasters (like seriously, we have one of only three Vekoma Flying Dutchman models from the early 2000s!!!)

-Soak City, especially the fact that you can enjoy the old (the slides formally known as Bonsai Pipeline, Sidewinder, Helix and Rushing River + Breakers) along with the new (Tropical Plunge)- heck, only one slide complex has gone down since it's opening.

-The fun of being an associate there (and in a way, giving back) for 10 seasons!

-Lest I forget Haunt and its crazy cast of characters like Big Daddy, Evil Santa, Thumbs and of course, Sam the Butcher!

EDIT: Forgot about the food such as Tom + Chee, Chicken Shack's bread, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, LaRosas's Pizza and Starbucks

...and there's probably a lot more reasons, but those are all I could think of at the moment.

*Also, side-note, I think it would be really cool if the park (or more likely, another enthusiast) could recreate this site (URL: https://web.archive.org/web/19970129110334/http://www.pki.com:80/ ), but updated to reflect modern KI such as Banshee, Soak City, Diamondback and Mystic Timbers

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I love Kings Island because...

It's my happy place.  I can go there where I feel down and it perks me right up.

Happy memories of family and friends.

Thrills and chills - from coasters to Xtreme Skyflyer!

I love the smells. I know this one is weird - the pizza, the ice cream, the sunscreen, the water rides.

It's my home park!

Other reasons I can't explain, but I love all things KI!

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