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Pop music back on International Street


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I haven't had a chance to watch that interview yet, but it's funny because I was going to stop and ask about/compliment the instrumental music when I saw Mr. Koontz was standing at the exit of Mystic Timbers as I entered the shed. I decided not to wait because Brad was conducting that interview by the time I got down there :) Really glad I didn't "bug" him now.

(edit: now that I've watched it, you can see me walk past in the background just before he mentions it's the first time KI won the best new ride Golden Ticket)

Today they seemed to have the special Pumpkin Fest playlist playing park-wide. Last Sunday I think it was only in Planet Snoopy and Soak City. I really liked being able to hear it everywhere: there is a much wider variety of styles/eras of music on that list than ordinarily play in the park. 

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Yesterday Sunday October 8th was very rainy and the park was empty buti noticed one thing. The music on I street was different they were playing classic Halloween songs like monster mash! Along with that they played spooky Movie and and TV themes like the twin peaks intro.

sorry for the long post but I was very excited about that!

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