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Do Think SoB Is Better Than The Beast

Chris Pki Fan

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2 minutes ago, CoastersRZ said:

Son of Beast was extremely rough.  One of the few coasters that gave me bruises on my thighs from the vibration and shaking that the ride did.

My wife at the time got off the ride in tears once. It was very rough depending on where the G train restrains hit your thighs. 

I personally loved that first drop. Still probably my favorite wood coaster drop ever. By the time you got back to the station though you were pretty beat up.

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Yes, the first drop was amazing.  The rest of the ride was just meh.  I actually rode Hurricane at Myrtle Beach Pavilion, before it closed, and the trains made their way to Son of Beast.  

I am glad we got Banshee on the site of Son of Beast.  I can`t say that I miss Son of Beast, even with the first drop.

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