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The Art of Amusement Park Planning

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Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, I currently run two blogs: Thrills Await is focused on amusement parks such as trip reports and photography, and Urbanetics is more related to my academic interests (urban planning, architecture, aesthetics, etc). My most recent Urbanetics blog post actually incorporates the best of both worlds, looking at the planning and design that goes into creating our beloved amusement parks. 

I figured I'd share it here, since I figured many of you might find it interesting. I talk about several urban planning and design concepts such as placemaking (essentially creating a sense of place, beauty, and welcoming in public spaces) and how they apply to amusement park planning and design. Hopefully it gives insight into both the urban planning and themed entertainment industries and how they are interconnected. Hopefully you enjoy it!


I figured it could also be fun to start a conversation, so feel free to share any relevant insight or opinions. This could be anything from your favorite midways, plazas, or design elements of Kings Island (or any other park), as well as your own personal reasons why you like some areas better than others. Or if you have any fun memorizes associated with a specific location in the park, feel free to share that as well!


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I haven`t read your blog post yet.  But it reminded me of my thesis.  I graduated in 2009 from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati.  My thesis was entitled "Entertainment Architecture: Contextually Integrated Water Park Resort in Norwood, Ohio."  I discussed some placemaking concepts and designed an indoor water park.

My entire thesis document is actually online here: https://etd.ohiolink.edu/!etd.send_file?accession=ucin1243014144&disposition=inline

Be warned, it is a large 25 mb file, so may take some time to load.

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I think your article is well composed, @Ride On_17! Great job!

I always love walking up the Coney Mall midway and inevitably noticing the massive Arrow megalooper and Mondial WindSeeker standing prominently over what would otherwise be a dead end, drawing guests past the numerous games, restaurants and other rides in the process. Not to mention Racer which nicely spans the ENTIRE LENGTH of the midway! :lol: 

And of course, it goes without saying that the instrumental music nicely complements International Street. I'm so excited to hear it again next year (and to hear Christmas music during WinterFest :))!!!

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