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Christmas Nights of Lights- Coney Island

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Christmas Nights of Lights returns to Coney Island for a second season and opens this Friday, November 10th.

It includes an additional half mile of lights bringing the total to 2.5 miles.  

Admission is $6 a person.  Children three and under are free.


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Finally made it out there tonight after work. It was surprisingly busy for a Monday. When I got there around 7, traffic was backed up almost to Gate 2 (the standard auto gate), and it took me nearly an hour to get from there to the entrance of the lights display (most of that time was spent weaving back and forth through the parking lot). The display itself was well done and had a great selection of music, with some interesting choices I wouldn't have expected. Overall it's well worth checking out. Overall it takes about 30 minutes to get through the display itself, not counting the time you spend sitting in traffic to get there...

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Anyone know if there’s a discount for bringing your boat to Coney Islands Nights of Lights? Asking for a friend...


But seriously, how long does it take to remove all that stuff in an emergency/natural disaster?

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