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Holiday World 2018 additions

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@CoastersRZ I see what you did there! :)

While this is exciting for those who visit their waterpark frequently....to me it doesn't make me want to visit Holiday World again...I went for Thunderbird's Media Day and that was my last trip there....I'd love to visit more often, but to me it doesn't have that thrill quenching  aspect for me. I'll likely go for Holiwood Nights but that'll be my one and only time this coming year.

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Holiday World to add Tembo Falls, Tembo Tides, and more

SANTA CLAUS, IND.—–Christmas comes early in the town of Santa Claus as Holiday World announces a package full of goodies for their 2018 season.

“We’re adding a fun elephant-themed water-play area for younger children,” says park president Matt Eckert. “When we discovered the Swahili word for elephant is Tembo, we named our new slide complex Tembo Falls and the junior wave pool Tembo Tides.”

Holiday World will invest a total of $3.5 million in new attractions and other improvements for 2018, including:

Tembo Falls – a water slide complex with eight junior slides, including twisters, a helix, a mini-bowl, and two racing slides

Tembo Tides – a junior wave pool plus spray features for younger children

Huge Themed Maze for Happy Halloween Weekends

All new entertainment, including a stunt show, musical magic show, and strolling brass band

Track improvements for The Voyage, the world’s second-longest wooden roller coaster

Riverside Retreats – mini cabanas in Splashin’ Safari

Electric Car Charging Station

“Tembo Falls and Tembo Tides are designed for children who are under 54 inches tall,” says Eckert, “but their older siblings and parents are welcome to enjoy the slides and wave pool with them.”





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On 11/22/2017 at 10:55 AM, goettablitz said:

Oh I am aware that this is no longer being pursued.  I just much prefer the newer style wood coaster trains such as Millennium Flyers and Timberliners to the older trains.

I almost feel like the public is due a better explanation than that- considering that they publicly announced that they were going to convert to them.

They also used Will’s death as an excuse.

There is clearly much more to this story.

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One thing is certain, Holiday World became more budget conscious after Dan lost control. The legal fight between the two sides of the family wasn't cheap. Timberliners weren't working, so the project was abandoned.

One of the stated reasons for using Timberliners was to keep The Voyage from tearing itself apart. Now, the coaster is trimmed (except during HoliWood Nights ERT).

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I visited Holiday World last weekend and noticed a few things since my last visit.  Not sure if they were announced or not.  Waterpark was just as fun as always.  Hallow Swings has a new lighting package.  They ditched the old style lights and went full led, there is much less flashing than before.  All 3 of the woodies were running fairly smooth, the Raven was the roughest out of the 3 while Voyage was running really well along with Legend.  The Legends bell that is usually rung when leaving the station is either broken or there was a group of operators that just didn’t feel like ringing it.  I even specifically asked on my second ride, one said they took it out completely, which was false, as it was clearly visible on the brake run on the way back in and the other one said it broke.  I’m not sure how a bell breaks unless the rope just dry rotted through and they haven’t replaced it yet.

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