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Does anyone know what the Camera Policy is at Kings Island.  I know that they do not allow cameras on any of the rides except Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad and the Eiffel Tower.  I also know bathrooms and changing rooms are off limits. Do they allow Tripods, Monopods

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I've taken my own monopod, and there was a guy who appeared to be a guest with a tripod Saturday. I've seen tripods at the shows before as well, so I think as long as you're careful to not create a safety hazard you should be good to go. I've never had trouble in restrooms when I had to go. I carry my Canon 5D on a sling strap and a) turn it off, put the lens cap on and let it hang and b ) don't tough it while in the bathroom. I've never had a problem, never been questioned, and of course never done anything I shouldn't. You should be good to go, and Winterfest is such a spectacle to shoot!

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I have never been stopped by security with my gear so asked what the policy/process is. The answer's always 'no' if you don't ask, right?

Here's the response:

Hello, Chris,

Yes, you can bring a monopod/tripod into the park for photos. You would not be able to set up where it might impede pedestrian traffic. You would also go through our security. I did check with security to make certain that they would allow that to come through.

Have fun!


Dana Miller

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