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Are Standup Coasters Dead?


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4 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

Back to the topic- I think stand ups need three major things done order for them to make a comeback

  1. Comfier Trains- this is a no brainer but having comfy trains would be a step in the right direction- especially for the male gender.
  2. Less Intensity/Better Layouts- I feel like the type of elements a stand-up coaster has either increases or decreases the potential for pain. I feel like the more intense the elements, the worse the pain. Stand-ups are a gimmick so a ride doesn't need a ton of crazy elements- standing up is somewhat an element all in itself.
  3. Better ques- No one likes to stand in line so its very rewarding when you get to sit down on a roller coaster. I think there should be some type of seating in the ques for guests (I wonder how that would work)

I'd be interested to see a non-inverting hyper type standup with really good floater air. Something where you could pick your feet up and just float.



Before you get to the bottom and it slams your tailbone into the seat...

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On 11/30/2017 at 10:55 PM, malem said:

Georgia Scorcher and Green Lantern (Chang) are excellent, as was the first half of Mantis. High drops and oversized loops are fun in the standing position. On the other hand, Apocalypse: The Last Stand is one of the worst head bangers I've ridden.

In my opinion, the biggest downfall of B&M standups is that they require some technique to ride comfortably. Hitting your head on the restraint and/or having a high seat staple isn't fun at all.

I preferred the TOGO stand-ups as well. The restraints were more comfortable, if slightly awkward to get in and out of.

Riddler's Revenge?

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  • 2 years later...

The patent by B&M looks to have standup trains with vest restraints. This would explain why they'd have to design a whole new coaster because I know vest restraints require some alterations. If this is accurate then surf coaster trains wouldn't be compatible with current stand-ups like Riddler's Revenge or Georgia Scorcher. 

If the trains are more comfortable to riders I wonder if we'll see one come to KI someday. Nothing massive, but something closer to King Cobra's original size. I always felt like King Cobra was removed at the right point before people really started to dislike it; Shockwave and Skyrider lasted longer but their popularity decreased with each passing year. I 

I argue having a small scale surf coaster would be well received as long as its not painful.

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