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Dive coasters?

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I'm going to Busch Gardens Tampa next week, (probably Tuesday) and I'm terrified of SheiKra. What do the first drops on dive machines feel like? Ive never done a Drop Tower but I've done a few beyond-vertical drops like Maverick and Mystery Mine. Does it feel like either of those? Thanks in advance :)

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I've been on SheiKra and it's lots of fun! The views from the first dive are astounding, especially at sunset (same goes for Griffon, tbh).

I would say that if you are nervous, that hold on top can feel like forever even if it's only for a few seconds. The first dive holds for a few seconds longer than the second dive. The first dive holds you at the edge, looking straight down. If you are unsure about that, sit in the third row as you will be facing more out, instead of straight down. The second dive is more like a pause...you will get to the edge and as soon as you realize it's another dive, you are moving. 

I hope this helps! I've been to BGT several times and it's a great park! 

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