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KIC Podcast: Episode 2- 2018 Season Preview

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If you wish to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, you can do so at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/kings-island-central-podcast/id1342475078

Show notes:  Host Robbie Zerhusen (CoastersRZ) is joined by Brad Perdue (IndyGuy4KI) and special guest Chad Showalter, the Director of Communications at Kings Island to preview the 2018 season at Kings Island.

-Chad`s role at Kings Island as Director of communications

-Executive Chef James Major joins Kings Island

-Chef Nathan is still with Kings Island

-Discussion of Coney BBQ, including the side dishes that are planned to be offered (the menu is of course, subject to change).

-Entertainment offerings for the 2018 season will be revealed soon.

-Brief discussion on Timberwolf.

-Special events coming up this spring include The Harlem Globetrotters (May 5-6th),  First Responders Days, Coasterstock, and Coaster Campout.


We want to again thank Chad for taking time out of his busy schedule to be on the podcast.


We have many exciting ideas for the next several podcasts.  We hope to do these more regularly (closer to once a month).  If you have suggestions for future topics, please let us know.  And yes, we will have more KIC members on the podcasts on upcoming episodes.


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Just finished listening; great job @IndyGuy4KI and crew! I'm pretty pumped for the Mac n' Cheese [bar? ;)] and Sweet Potatoes at Coney BBQ and also really excited to meet Chef Major! Also, I'm glad you addressed the underutilization of Timberwolf and that Mr. Showalter is going to pass your suggestion along. Finally, it's interesting what Mr. Showalter is not telling us, such as the other special events in the park and general surprise upgrades we'll see in just 4 days (or 3 days for some of ya'll).

EDIT: Also, as for future topic ideas, I'd like to hear about Fun Facts for some of the coasters/rides at the park, such as The Bat (1993) or Firehawk.

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Yes.  My apologies for not having episode 3 done yet.  The last few weeks, I have been working 60-70 hours a week between my full time job, and getting the rides department at Coney up an running.

Stay tuned, Episode 3 is on its way, I promise.

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Sorry for the long delay in responding.  Yes, we are still planning on episode 3.  We actually have the subject for episode 3, nailed down.  Just have to coordinate a time to record.

We also have the subject matter for episode 4, 5, and 6 nailed down as well.  

Look for more frequent release of episodes in the coming months.  Especially now that I have a little more free time, since Coney is only open for a few more weekends this year.  

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