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Winterfest 2018 Calendar

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Of course subject to change, but Carowinds has already posted their Winterfest 2018 calendar/hours.   Last year many wished that Winterfest would open before Thanksgiving, open earlier on the weekends like the old Winterfest did at 2PM, and wished for New Year's Eve/Day hours.


Will Kings Island follow a similar Winterfest schedule like Carowinds and open the three days before Thanksgiving (Nov 19,20,21) or wait until after Thanksgiving.   With Haunt ending Oct 28 it will be a very tight squeeze to have all things in place 3 days prior to Thanksgiving, unless more Christmas décor than what was seen last year starts showing up much earlier in September/October. (Winterfest staff last season worked Thanksgiving day in the park and worked right up to the last minute before the Friday opening trying to finish up).

It is also interesting to note that Dollywood will be running their extended fall pumpkin lights through Sat November 3 and delaying starting their Christmas celebration by one week until Nov 10.  However, to keep the same number of operating days, Dollywood Christmas will run past New Years through January 5 this season.


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