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Enquirer: Ranch cotton candy is now a thing at Kings Island

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I love sweet and salty. The Maple Bacon taffy at Sweet Spot is one of my favorite treats in the park. 

Just the thought of Ranch Cotton Candy makes me want to hurl. 

They may end up with some flavors I want to try tho. I do hope they allow for small samples, like with fudge, though, because I'd be unwilling to pay for a whole tub of something I'm uncertain about. I ended up getting three pounds of the Key Lime Pie fudge last summer after I had a chance to taste that. 

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13 hours ago, DubVLegend said:

And???? Don’t leave us hanging!

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Just busted open both tubs of cotton candy.

I actually like the chili pepper cotton candy and it wasn't half bad. It had a good amount of heat. Anybody that knows me knows that I love my food spicy.

Ranch, on the other hand, wasn't terrible but wasn't great either. It's an interesting attempt and one that I've never seen done before.

Try it for yourselves and let me know what you all think!


Sweet Spot is also running buy two, get one free on fudge. Picked up two bars of Blue Ice Cream and also tried their new Psychedelic flavor. Got a brick of that too. When I bring fudge into the office, it goes quick.

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Cotton candy was my favorite snack at the park. I say "was" because I can no longer have it. Last year, I found out I was diabetic. Actually, I kinda found out while I was at the park. I don't think most of these flavors would have interested me, except that blue ice cream flavor. 

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