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Are go pros allowed on rides if secured?

Tera Ryzing

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They are absolutely not allowed on the ride. Those who have filmed while on rides are technically breaking the law per the ORC unless they were given specific permission from the park (and not just a ride operator saying "it's fine). 

KIC would not endorse doing so nor would the park. Those caught trying to secure a camera on a ride can and likely will be removed from the park without a refund and/or could be banned from the park. 


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No. Mainly for safety reasons. They want you to be focusing on the ride. Not if your camera is on. Plus no one wants to see your go pro footage of a ride. It’s bad quality. When I worked there, I would not let people ride with any go pro mount. They had to secure the go pro before I would send the train. It causes delays if you even try to do it. Same goes with cell phones. Plus the driver will watch you on the camera for the list hills so don’t even bother. If you are doing it they will call security to confiscate the video and you may be escorted out


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On April 12, 2018 at 12:56 PM, chugh43 said:

I don't understand why people want to continue making povs on rides that you can pull up on YouTube and see that there is several videos of the one that they would want to film.

I don't understand this either. There's no reason to waste effort on amateur POVs when the professional ones are just a click away.

The park isn't making this rule because it's the big evil corporation that wants to control all of its IPs. They don't want these devices striking other riders or pedestrians walking under the queues and sidewalk below portions of rides that interact with such (like Diamondback). The least complicated way to enforce this policy is to not allow any form of recording device to be in your hands or attached to your head or chest.

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