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Coney- What`s New in 2018

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Coney has exciting things in store for the 2018 season.

In addition to the previously announced temporary attraction, the Island Wheel (more info on that here) there are many exciting changes coming to the park.

To make room for some of these additions, one attraction had to be retired.  The Como Cruisers have officially been retired.  Taking up residence in their spot on Lake Como will be Storybook Pedal boats.  Swans and Dragons pedal boats will now call Lake Como home.


There is more that is new in 2018.  The Mini Golf Course has been renovated, and features recreations of 9 Cincinnati landmarks.

Additionally, the Python roller coaster is receiving a new paint job and some theming.  Check out this rendering:


Additionally, Coney has partnered with ThinkTV Network and CET Public Television to create a “beyond broadcast” experience that incorporates popular PBS Kids characters with a “play and learn” environment. Included will be interactives that have been chosen specifically to align with the PBS Kids mission of building imagination and curiosity. Starting with the new PBS Kids Backyard, a playground area for kids to climb, slide, play and learn.

When it’s time to cool down or calm down, parents and kids can head to the new PBS Kids Quiet Time area. PBS Kids Quiet Time area allows moms and their little ones a cool quiet place to step away from the sun and crowds for a needed break. The room is equipped with two private breastfeeding stations, changing tables, private restroom, and a quiet space for kids to relax. This new space is equipped with PBS Kids “quiet time” videos to aid in calming little ones and perhaps help foster nap time.

In addition to the changes to the Python, several rides at Coney are getting new 3d ride signage from Kingdom Productions.  Read more and see more photos here.  Below is just one sample image of the new sign for the kiddie airplane ride, now called Flying Aces.


Find out more information on Coney Island by logging onto their website at www.coneyislandpark.com or checking out their Facebook page.

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This all looks great! Though Coney may not be able to afford massive, big-budget attractions, it is nice to see smaller changes that continue to improve the park. The PBS Kids Backyard sounds really neat. And Python is going to look awesome! 

It just makes me happy to see a smaller sized park make these kinds of improvements. Really cool.

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As am I.  I haven`t seen one of the four dragon pedal boats that Coney is getting yet, in the times I have been down at Coney doing interviews/getting ready for the 2018 season.

I will say the paint job for Python is looking nice.

Additionally, they have moved Boats and Trains and Helicopters kiddy rides.  They switched places with each other.

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Things are starting to come together at Coney, as we prepare to launch for the 2018 season.  Opening day is this coming Saturday, May 26th.  Rides will be open from 11am until 9pm.  Several of the new ride signs have already been installed and they look fantastic.  The new theming and paint job on Python is looking wonderful as well!

That is also the first day that the Island Wheel will be open.  Tickets cost $5 per person and $2.50 for season pass holders.

To give a sense of scale, the Twister water slide in the background stands 45' tall.  This giant wheel stands 155' tall!  Catch the Island Wheel before it leaves on July 8th.


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