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Roaming Lockers now at CP, KI next?

King Ding Dong

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New this year CP has all day roaming lockers for $10.  The hitch being you must move your stuff at least every 3 hours or be charged $1/hour over the 3.  There doesn’t appear to be a hardware change, just added functionality to the kiosks.  

Has this been implemented at KI? 

I generally don’t use lockers but there are times when they would be nice to have especially on days with variable weather conditions when you want to shed/add layers or rain gear.   Photographers would especially be interest in one.  

If KI implemented this not sure that I would switch back to souvenir cups but it sure makes them more convenient than they were.

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I would love it if this concept came to KI; however, I'd only use it once in a blue moon as there are only 2 rides that I use lockers for at the park: Firehawk and Banshee. It would certainly save me money and allow me to ride the water rides on a whim as I could just move my locker to that location and not have to rely on someone to hold my stuff (or worse, put it in the bins where it may get stolen...). I'm really glad this was a thing at CP as more of their rides require lockers as they are more "thrilling", if you will... I think exceptions to the locker rule at CP would be Iron Dragon, Gemini, Corkscrew/Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Pipe Scream and maybe some of the more common flats like their Monster and Troika. Everything else pretty much requires a locker based on the high speeds and/or design elements (ex: Dragster, Millennium Force, Magnum, GateKeeper, Rougarou, Valravn, Steel Vengeance and Wicked Twsiter),imo.

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I've been hoping that this would come... I've seen it outside the chain on the same hardware and absolutely loved it... 

Would like to see some of the parks in the chain have lockers on more rides too... Some parks really need to take bins away on some rides... I'd love to bring my camera into the parks more, but I don't trust it in a bin...

And I'd greatly prefer the Souvenir Cup over the disposable cup, (less waste, and I'd rather stand in line once for a decent sized drink than have to line up for the little dinky cup and then get right back in line for another on a hot day), but needing to store it becomes a hassle...

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