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Cincinnati Zoo announces $150MM expansion

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I heard about this on Twitter last night and watched the corresponding video... yeah, $50 MILLION is a heck of a lot of money! Kinda bummed that Wildlife Canyon is essentially being replaced by Roo Valley*, but honestly that area was kinda dead anyway (with the exception of the Sumatran Rhinos when those were on exhibit for about a decade). However, I have a feeling that some of those animals (Red River Hog, Takin, Camel) will end up in the newly expanded Rhino Reserve area (the former/current? African Veldt area). Finally, a ropes course? Woo!

*EDIT:  However, it will be super-cool to walk through those animals' old habitats to see the kangaroos and wallabies!

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Wildlife Canyon was in dire need of replacement.  We rarely went down there when we go to the zoo.
Beer garden and Kangaroos?  Sign me up.
I've been twice this year and didn't know it existed until our 2nd trip and it started pouring down rain on us

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I've been going to this zoo for 20 years and this investment is heavily needed. The elephant reserve always felt so tiny to house 4 full grown elephants. Only time will tell what the Elephant building will house next. The rhino reserve also needed some attention. The White Lions exhibit was really old and needed to be replaced as did wildlife canyon, especially since the Sumatran rhinos are gone. 

I really like the initiative that the zoo is taking where people will get to interact with animals more and see them be animals. Despite their good intentions, Zoos have always gotten a bad rap for keeping wild animals captive in small enclosures so giving the larger animals more room to roam is certainly a huge step towards better conservation efforts.

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