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Peanuts Celebration at KI

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We had the opportunity to visit the Peanuts Celebration this past weekend at Kings Island, which runs through June 17th. We arrived in time to participate in Season Pass ERT that starts at 9:00 AM on the weekends. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of decorations that were put out for this event. As we made our way into Planet Snoopy we discovered doughnuts, yougurt, and juice which made for a really nice addition to the celebration.

There were a lot of different activities that continues throughout the day. Activities which includes characters, a sing along, hands on activities, balloon characters, games, and of course the award winning Planet Snoopy rides. All the kids and parents were really enjoying all the activities and having a #KIBestDay. 



Here is the display for the morning food options. There were four different flavors of doughnut wholes. All were very good. You will want to give these a try during the ERT session.





The decorations that I mentioned earlier were very well done, and made the whole Planet Snoopy area pop with color and fun!





The cutout displays to take your pictures in were very cute and a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy.  They seem to be a real hit. These are just a few of the photo displays.





It was great seeing the Christmas Trolley being used for the Peanuts Celebration as well.




It was now time to check out the Sketch School and the peanuts tribute. I have to say that they were both amazing and up to par with a Winterfest activity. 



When participating in the skectch school you can get comfortable with your kids laying down on the floor on a fuzzy carpet so they are happy and able to stay engaged. The sketch artist is leading you through the sketches, and the narrator does a wonderful job teaching you about the peanuts characters as you go. From start to finish you are either being taught how to make your character or learning about them. This is an activity they you don't want to miss at the peanuts celebration.





KIC members showing off their work.



Post your pictures and thoughts about the Peanuts Celebration!




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The tableaux are not very selfie friendly but I tried my best (@chugh43 has some better ones of us and @pianoman that we took before the celebration officially began and they were all setup by the front gates)


So I'm pretty sure that's Belle and her house on the left, but does anyone know whose house is in the middle? Somebody suggested Spike but it seems to me part of Spike's story is that he doesn't have a home...


Always good to see Lucy and Linus's younger brother, Rerun.

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I took a progression series of pics while I learned how to draw Charlie Brown at Sketch School (I ended up attending all seven sessions yesterday, and all three Gravity shows, which involved a lot of speed-walking across the park).

This should give you an idea of how they break it down and make it easy for anyone to draw a reasonably recognizable Peanuts character 








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1 hour ago, flightoffear1996 said:

I am really going to miss this. Our family love this event so much!

I would like having other high quality event. One early season (like this one) and another before daily operations end would be nice.   I agree, this was a fun and creative event and hope to see more events like this at KI in future seasons.

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On 8/14/2019 at 5:42 PM, Snoopylove1 said:

It got cancelled. Not enough revenue from the previous year. A lot of peanuts stuff got cut

I do not believe this to be true. I think we didn’t see it this year because of the time placement of Carnivale and other events.

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