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2018 Employees Appreciation

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Has anyone else had amazing experiences with the employees this year?

When I got on the train on June 1st there where this group of girls who where starting drama with me and the other person that I was with and was trying to pick a fight. We told a near by employee about it and he got a supervisor and we talked about what happened then he sent us out on our way. We went to go ride Beast and after we got off a Security guard stopped us and talked to us about it and started to walk us to our next ride, just encase we ran into the girls again. Well, we did run into them and the security guard talked to them and sent us on our way. right before we got our seats for the next ride we where told that our problem was dealt with and when we where getting our restraints checked we where told the same thing. the whole issue got taken care of in 30 minutes or less. 

The person that I with had a breakdown on the same day as well and so many employees stopped to ask if everything was ok and if there was anything that they could do. The employees this year are simply amazing!    

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Yes! Two days ago, we had flat tires on our jogging stroller and noticed it after we had gotten in the park. I went straight to the Family Care Center and asked the always-awesome staff there if they had an air pump. They always seem to have everything for families like us . They didn’t but called maintenance and the sweetest boy came to the rescue. Pumped both tires up and even did so while I took my daughter inside to change her and wash her hands. He was amazing as were the ladies in the center. I was so impressed!

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