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X-Base: The Ideal Build Out

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X-Base Expansion Plan

This is my rendition for the most realistic change that can be made to X-Base should the park ever chose to expand it in the future. The current buildings and rides will stay, however there will be a significant amount of land added to the section to the left of Flight of Fear. This expansion would not only add more land to the section but it would also not make the area a dead end anymore. The new expansion would feature a permanent food vendor, extra rides, and yes, restrooms. There will be extra room for a coaster in the old Dinosaur's Alive area as well.

The two pay to ride attractions, Slingshot and Xtreme Skyflyer would move to the new and improved X-Base as well as a witches' wheel to give it a more extraterrestrial feel. The que of Firehawk is enclosed now so guests can feel as if they're walking through an aviation training facility with tvs similar to Flight of Fear and air conditioning. The whole area will receive a cosmetic overhaul to where even the maintenance buildings will be disguised to look like military buildings. The park can use old props from the Top Gun ride as well as any other props from the Paramount days. The area will have a story focusing around Flight of Fear which will go something like this-

"In 1996 an unidentified flying object entered Earth's atmosphere and landed within the ground of Kings Island. Department 47 was dispatched and soon encased the UFO in a building away from the public's eye. With the fear of another extraterrestrial encounter, the government turned the crash site into a secret, off the books military facility- X-Base. At X-Base new recruits will tour the facilities and ride multiple rides that would give one the sensations of a 0-100 mph launch, suspended flight, and many other unworldly sensations."

I would go further and say that Firehawk is a prototype human propulsion system designed to mimic human flight.

XBase concept.png

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^^ No, but it does appear to be a reference to Tomb Raider: The Ride. TRTR's preshow referenced "the Khmer trail," which was implied to be somewhere in southeast Asia (possibly Cambodia.) The spray painted "TRTR" would imply that that is intentional.

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