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Gordon Bombay

Anyone Remember Opryland?

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Hi folks, 

Bit of a random post here, but curious if the vast knowledge of KIC might know. Years ago, there was a trip report on here where someone stopped by what little remained of Opryland, Nashville's former seasonal park that was demolished to make room for a mall. All that remained was the trough and fake rocks of "Grizzly River Rampage," an Intamin water rapids ride similar to KI's White Water Canyon. You can see some photographs of those remains here: https://www.coaster101.com/2011/01/07/opryland-usa-themepark-remnants/

I was in Nashville recently and decided to swing by and see if anything was left. Unfortunately, all the fake rocks and trough appear to be gone, but I was wondering if anyone might know something. The pedestrian bridge that's there has a feel very similar to theming of WWC and an electrical box nearby seemed like it might have been from the ride. For some reason, I really want to know if in fact this bridge was part of the queue and if this box was once part of the ride. 


Anyone know for sure if in fact, this was part of Opryland/Grizzly River Rampage? According to aerial views, that pedestrian bridge may have been part of the ride. I think. 

Random question, I know, but if anyone knows for sure - I'd be so appreciative. 


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1 minute ago, Gordon Bombay said:

Such an oddly themed ride for a park centered-around Country music, haha.

Please aboard quickly, your time is running out. They forgot to add: to get to the Grand ole Opry.

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