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Feasibility of Winterfest at Canada's Wonderland

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I was wondering this hypothetically, but I'm wondering how much snow itself could be a problem.

While I can imagine how great the park could look at Christmas time, I think it's a no brainer that the event if it were to occur should be called "Canada's Winter Wonderland".

Ridewise, I could only see the following rides operating:

Antique Carousel
Swing of the Century
Thunder Run (imagine, a "Holiday Thunder Run")
Wonder Mountain's Guardian (maybe, not sure if this can be done, if the lift hill could freeze), but similarly a different program could run here

And a few kids rides like Taxi Jam, Boo Blasters, Character Carousel, and possibly a few more.

I couldn't see any attractions in Medieval Faire running except for a show in the Wonderland Theatre.

Well, what do you think?

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5 hours ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

For me the bigger question: does Canada celebrate Christmas like we do?

I don't get what you mean. Other than no Thanksgiving Holiday to start the Christmas season, it's pretty much the same to my knowledge. Stores around here usually start playing Christmas music on November 12th.

Fun fact, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade was inspired by Eaton's Santa Claus Parade in Downtown Toronto, which is usually held the Sunday before. Although Eaton's is now history, the Toronto Santa Claus Parade is still a yearly event.

I was thinking more on the logistics of snow removal, while Toronto doesn't get the lake effect snow like Buffalo does, wiki suggests that Toronto on average recieves 9 and a half inches of snow in December. I've spent my whole life in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and there usually isn't any accumulating snowfall until December, although occasionally there is snow accumulation in November, last time I think was 2014. You guys in Cincy according to wiki only receive about 5 inches of snow. So it may be doable. It's really how the park deals with snow removal, and if rides are affected I'm more curious about.


I mean, I can imagine my idea for the Holiday Thunder Run with christmas lights strung in the tunnel, and as cheesy as this sounds, how about the dragon inside the mountain wearing a giant santa hat.

Even New Year's Eve could be celebrated with a spectacular fireworks show, something they don't do in downtown Toronto. They've had a lame NYE event in Downtown Toronto for years now with a crowd that gathers outside City Hall. Imagine a countdown in Canada's Wonderland's International Street with a bunch of music artists performing or whatever.


EDIT: Mentioning the Toronto Santa Claus Parade made me think of an interesting tidbit. Canada’s Wonderland and PCW used to run a float in the parade back throughout the 90s, I can’t remember exactly what these floats consisted of but I recall one in 1998 which featured the Rugrats. Kinda odd to sponsor a float in a Christmas parade when the park won’t be open again until the end of April.

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