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Banshee gift shop arcade games?

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A while back I was getting m daily does of adrenaline in the morning on Banshee, and noticed something very strange about it. All the gifts in the gift shop below the station were gone and there were a couple arcade games! I thought tha maybe they were getting new merch and they just wanted another way to earn a quick buck whilst waiting for the new merch to arrive. But, to my surprise, the next couple days later they added more! I guess coaster connection is true place to go for Banshee merch. But why? It was fine in my opinion and it was nice to get a little cup there or even a poncho when getting off the coaster when it rains. Anyone have any ideas why they changed it?d85690b5ec3f9af8b1d7a48467c53d2a.jpg



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That whole idea of having ride exits dump into stores at the end only works forever in places that people only visit a few times, like Disney World.

KI has done this a few times, and after a couple of years they just end up closing it. I’m guessing when rides are brand new, it’s popular and easy place to sell clothes & souvenirs. I’m sure the draw of that quickly dwindles after a few years.

As long as they can do it for cheap when the ride is built, it’s probably a worth it as long as there is a decent ROI.

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