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Worlds of Fun adds Boathouse Grill for 2019

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At 9,036 square-feet, the new restaurant will become the largest dining location at Worlds of Fun. The menu will incorporate an array of items, including authentic Kansas City barbecue, roastery chicken, a selection of homestyle sides and desserts, as well as healthier options like salads and fresh vegetables.

Boathouse Grill will be located in the Americana section of the park. Its name, architecture and theming pay tribute to Worlds of Fun’s history and the three iconic boats that opened with the park in 1973.


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I'm assuming this location will replace Battle Creek Barbecue, which is near the area pictured in the artwork for Boathouse Grill. The food at Battle Creek Barbecue is really good, especially the brisket, though the building itself is dated.

The new facility should be a big improvement, but I'm always a little sad to see a unique park building replaced by a more generic one. Here's a picture from CPFoodBlog for reference:


Photo: CPFoodBlog: http://cpfoodblog.com/park-food-guides/worlds-of-fun-dining-guide/worlds-of-fun-battle-creek-barbeque/

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