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What Else Do You Want To Come Back?

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We've seen the return of The Bat, Eagles (sort of), Winterfest, and now the Antique Cars. What other attractions do you think Kings Island should bring back in some form or another? It could be anything from the Taft era, to old fearfest attractions- anything you can think of that would benefit the park!

For me I think Der Spinnen Keggers would be awesome as well as Kenton's Cove, (in the current form of Congo Falls).

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Rivertown Freestyle!  

The Clown Band- More roaming entertainment like in the 70s and 80s. Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal- The big box of fun needs to go "International" Street- Maybe add some elephant ears to the m


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Think Der Spinning Keggers would be a great addition to Okoberfest, and be a new flat ride that we don't have in our current line up.

Biggest return I would love though is Phantom Theatre. It was a great dark ride and Scooby and Boo Blasters are terrible compared.

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3 hours ago, jtro223 said:

Kentons Cove Keelboat Canal. Skyride. I really want the Coney Mall sign to return.

Would love a large flume ride back again like KCKC. It would probably be in my top 3. At least we have RFYLCB, it's still a good flume but one with a bigger drop would be nice too. 


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Zodiac.  That was an amazing ride.  It was a long ride, high capacity and had a great loading system.  Unfortunately they aren't made anymore.
However, this would be a nice replacements.   WindSeeker could be converted to this as it is waning in ridership.   I personally do not like WindSeeker.  It "feels" unsecure.

Cable Skyway.    The one KI had was short and did not take a very scenic path (over rooftops include in the huge roof of Enchanted Voyage and it allowed you to see that I Street buildings are a 2nd floor façade).   A better path would be from Rivertown to the Flight of Fear Area.

Monorail.  Not through the animals.  Through the park.

Bayern Kurve.   Such a great ride that made Oktoberfest feel like Oktoberfest.

Keelboat Canal. It was beautiful with the lake beside the train, versus that hideous warehouse that is there now.  Plus the ski jump at the end was thrilling and you didn't get wet!

Enchanted Voyage or even Phantom Theatre.  The ride that is there now is cheap cheap cheap with 2d cutouts.

The real Flying Eagles.

Skylab and Flying Dutchman instead of the buildings that are there now.   I think that Adventure Express occupies Flying Dutchman's spot so it would look nice where that T shirt stand is by the Bier Garten (where spinnen keggers was).



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Phantom Theater 2.0 

Keelboat Canal

Action Theater

Winnie Witch Cauldrons 

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You know I feel like Kings Island is doing a good job bringing back things like The Bat, Antique Cars, and possibly even Son of Beast (maybe if we are lucky ;)) but I feel like they should re-open Action Theater with a Peanuts short film or something completely zany and new in the Action Theater would be nice. I feel like at one point in the next 5-6 years that something is going to fill the once famous Tomb Radier- Crypt ride, maybe a fabulous return of the Phantom Theater would be fantastic it would fit perfect there and many people would be exhilarated to see it return. One other thing I would like to see return to the park is the big slides in Hanna-Barbera land I believe. It is true that I wasn’t alive when they existed (or too young to remember) but I think that modern kids and adults would find that attraction both fun and entertaining. But anything can happen in the future and I’m excited to see Kings Islands future. :)

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