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renewing gold pass question!

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Hello! I was looking into renewing our gold passes while it's the cheap price and I had a question about the add-ons you can get. Right now we don't have anything on our gold pass; we use the $1 refill cups and just eat outside the park but its inconvenient. I was planning on getting the unlimited free drinks and adding to dining plan to the passes and I was curious if I would be able to use those at all this season with renewing my pass or if it wouldn't take affect until next year. 

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i have another question for anyone who can help me with it. if i already have a gold pass for Kings Island and i was to buy a platinum pass for Cedar Point so I can go once for free this year would that deactivate my Kings Island gold pass for this year or another question to that is if you buy a platinum pass for somewhere do you just get the special that is going on for that park?

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If you buy a new platinum pass at another park, you get the new pass perks offered at that par, but it isn't valid at other Cedar Fair parks until 2019. Your 2018 Kings Island pass would still be valid, but you would not get renewal perks (the free bring-a-friend ticket and free Fast Lane Plus).

3 hours ago, chad_1138 said:

Add-ons begin next season.

The one exception is if you buy FunPix for 2019, you get the rest of 2018 for free.

If you added it to a new Cedar Point platinum pass, you probably couldn't use it at parks other than Cedar Point until 2019.

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