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Tien Shinhan

Question about Fright Lane

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I'm going to Cedar Point on the 15th. I've never been before, and I've never had to buy anything like Fright Lane or Fast Lane.
My question is, does Fright Lane allow you to skip the lines of the rides, or only the mazes?

Only the mazes unfortunately... Fast Lane is separate from fright lane.

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First time ki haunt visitor here, regular cp haunt visitor. I have a couple questions. Planning on going next Friday 10/12. We will likely be buying fright lane, and considering fastlane. Is fright lane necessary at ki to get through all the haunts on a Friday? I know crowds are weather dependent. Would a fastlane be recommend on a Friday? I’d like to maximize our time but I’d wait a short amount of time For coasters, say 15 min or less. 


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