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Busch Gardens Tampa 2019 & 2020 Revealed

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Busch Gardens will open Florida’s tallest launch coaster in spring 2019, company officials announced Wednesday. The triple-launch, tiger-themed roller coaster called Tigris will hurl riders 150 feet into the sky, turn them upside down and swirl through curves at 60 miles per hour. It will also move backward.....

Tigris will be located in the Stanleyville area of the park, in the spot formally occupied by Tidal Wave, an African-themed boat ride that got riders soaked on its chute drop. That ride closed in 2016. Tigris will be adjacent to Jungala, which houses the park’s endangered Bengal tigers.

AR-309129759 (1).jpg


I'm honestly not surprised at this since Sea World Parks has already added two of these coasters across the country. When I heard the headline "Tigris" I thought it was a RMC Gwazi but it turned out to be a Premier Rides multi launch. Seems like a good fit for the park, especially right in the Jungala section by the tigers and how the only other coaster in that area is SheiKra.

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Enthusiasts won't like that it's a clone, but these are good rides. Makes sense for BGT and SEAS, too.

Also, I really like the name! Cheetah Hunt and Falcon's Fury kinda brought the era of mystical ride names to an end for a bit, which made me sad. They just don't have the same vibe as names like Sheikra, Montu, Gwazi, or Kumba. It's nice to see a return to that!

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During the actual announcement they basically announced an RMC conversion for Gwazi opening in 2020.  

They stated they "wanted to make it a little bit of a hybrid announcement today", placing emphasises on the word hybrid, then said Gwazi was always a little bit of a rocky ride, and finally just came out and said they are revamping Gwazi into a new attraction.

2020 is going to be an amazing year to visit Florida, RMC Gwazi, Star Wars land, Guardians of the Galaxy, Runaway Railroad, Tron Coaster, Ratatouille, and the Potter Coaster.  I am positive I missed something but I would also not be surprised if Tron and maybe something else like Ratatouille is not ready until 2021 and yes I know some of that should be open in 2019.

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