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Plus Size Rider Comparison Between Kings Island and Cedar Point

Sam Mattingly

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Hello!  I am actually scheduled for bariatric surgery next year but until that happens my fiancee wants to go to Cedar Point this upcoming weekend.  I am super excited for their haunt, but the only comparison I have for Cedar Point is Kings Island.  I can't fit on Diamondback due to my thighs.  I also cannot ride Flight of Fear.  I fit just barely on Banshee in the big boy seats if someone pushes on it hard.  I have never tried WindSeeker, the Stunt Coaster, or the Drop Tower.  I used to be able to ride Delirium.  I fit in the test seat fine but on the ride I got either 3 or 4 clicks and they still said I couldn't ride.  

I can ride the following: The Beast, Mystic Timbers, The Racer, Adventure Express, The Bat, Invertigo, Firehawk, all pretty easily.  

I am 5'6" about 320 pounds and my weight is pretty much all in my stomach with some in my thighs and hips but I do not have a big chest area at all.  What should I be ok for at Cedar Point including flat rides?  I can ride the ship, Monster, Shake Rattle and Roll, Scrambler, with ease as well.  

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I would go to GateKeeper and Valrayvn for sure, they accommodate larger people. We went a few years ago when a friend and she could not fit on Millenium Force, Dragster, and Wicked Twister. She got so mad we had to leave the park so I dont know about any of the others. I husband is 6'2" and about 245, only thing he didn't fit on this year was wicked twister. Every person is different, I would try the test seats and if need be ask a ride ops.

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Based on my Cedar Point experiences, for a larger rider, I would try these rides:

The B&M's (Valravn, GateKeeper, Raptor, Rougarou): As mentioned by both other posts, the 4 B&M coasters at Cedar Point do have the "Big Boy" seats. Valravn and GateKeeper should, in theory, be the same as Banshee as they have the exact same restraint system. Raptor and Rougarou have the old-fashioned OTSR's, but they also have the Big Boy seating and since you could fit Invertigo you should also be able to fit those just fine.

Magnum XL-200, Gemini, and Iron Dragon: If you could ride Adventure Express and The Bat just fine, these 3 rides should also be do-able. Gemini and Magnum XL-200 both feature restraints similar to Adventure Express, and Iron Dragon is the exact same ride model as The Bat (with a different, more tame layout).

Cedar Creek Mine Ride: The cars themselves are similar to Adventure Express, but it has a different T-Bar shaped restraint system. I don't know if that makes it better or worse for large riders, but it did seem pretty accommodating.

Blue Streak: Same exact style of train as The Racer or Beast, only difference is the headrests have gaps in them on Blue Streak (which in terms of larger riders means nothing pretty much). If you can do those, you should be OK on this.

Corkscrew: This one is a maybe, since you didn't mention if you could fit on Vortex or not. But if you could fit on The Bat, you might be able to fit on this. I don't know if Corkscrew has a test seat though.

Maverick: King Ding Dong did suggest this one, I would try the test seat out front if I was you. It can get a really long line and it would suck to stand in it for a hour plus only to get a walk of shame. (If you are staying on-site and have ERT, I would use it on this if you can fit!)

I would say the rides KDD listed as no-go's probably are all gonna be walks of shame, as those are not very big people friendly. I am not large at all (5'10 200lbs), and I once had trouble on Wicked Twister! They also have MANY flat rides at Cedar Point, you should be able to do a decent amount of them as well. WindSeeker may be a no-go, though, if I am correct there is a 300lb limit on rider weight on that one (read it on a sign outside the ride), though I had a friend squeeze by at 310 and ride it with me not knowing that. It may also depend on the size of the person with you on that ride.

Also, while Cedar Point can get VERY crowded during Haunt, the one good thing about the rides I do think you can fit on is a lot of them, minus Raptor, Valravn, and Maverick (prepare to wait AT LEAST 1 hour for those, possibly even 2!) are older, less popular coasters so the wait for them usually will not be as bad (unless the park becomes super crowded, then expect to wait 45 minutes for Corkscrew! Though this usually does not happen until October). 

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I am 6'6 and weigh in at around 301 pounds atm.

I will say this, CP has more restricting rides. Do not get your hopes up. It is not kind on those who have bigger thighs (like I do) or a bigger chest. 

Maverick is IMHO your best bet. Maverick is very very accommodating. I would check out the test seat before hand, but I have never witnessed a Walk of Shame on Maverick or even been remotely close to one. Blue Streak as well is something I could see you doing. Only requires I believe one click. 

GateKeeper and Valravn in big boy seats may give you a chance, BUT I had more issues fitting into Valravn and GateKeeper than I had with Banshee. Banshee (even before I lost some weight) I could fit with a push down in a regular seat. At CP up until my most recent visit, being in the Big Boy seat was a necessity or otherwise a Walk of Shame was likely. 

I went to CP in 2017 and 2018.

2017 through 2018 I had a mostly stable weight of around 325-330 pounds. I have my weight more evenly proportioned than most can, so I was able to buckle in on TTD, MF with no issues(waist is around 42 then) Maverick I fit with ABSOLUTELY no issues, none, with a large amount of slack in the seat belt. 

I DID NOT fit on Steel Vengeance in July 2018 and was particularly upset about it. I was about thisclose. But nada. Ive recently started on my weight loss journey and have come to lose about 21 pounds thus far since my accurate weight measuring began(and I am estimating around 35 pounds from my peak in late 2015 - early 2016). 

I came back on September 15th and found myself surprised. The OTSR of Raptor, Rogarou fit immensely better to the point I did not need a push by a ride operator to get in. TTD and Millie which I could get in before was much easier. I checked the test seat for SteVe, no green light.... but then I got to the station... I fit on Steel Vengeance... With absolutely no issues (not even a recheck or a "5-4") I checked the Wicked Twister test seat and I was ACTUALLY CLOSE to fitting (something I had never seen before)

Im lucky that I am tall which has helped me proportion my weight. But I know what it is like to fear going to an amusment park and worry whether you can enjoy a ride or not. Do not feel like you are less than who you are if it does end up being you cannot fit. 

I still have a long journey to go but its very encouraging to see results. :) 

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Hey there Sam! 

I'm heading to Cedar Point and was wondering if you could maybe update on how everything went for you?! I'm of similar height/weight and am not really hopeful, but I'm optimistic and would love to hear about your experience if you don't mind sharing!



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