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Cedar Point auctioning off classic video games

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Is this to upgrade the games or for something else?

Electro-mechanical says older style pinball machines. I doubt this is anything to get excited about. I’m guessing they just have a warehouse area filled with older games that need to go.
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If I could rewind time, I'd go back to the 1980's/early 1990's when Kings Island used to hold annual auctions.  So much KI history was basically given away back then - the original signage, rides/parts, character props etc etc were literally sold for mere pennies on the dollar.  At one particular auction, virtually every Smurf animated character was purchased for less than $1000 by an individual that displayed them in his yard at Christmas for years.

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11 hours ago, txdrummer said:

Sounds like they might be clearing out the Arcade for future use.

The fact that Cedar Point owns these games is more of an oddity than you might think. Most places lease their games - including Kings Island. My guess is that they are transitioning into a relationship like that. You’ll likely see newer, more modern games in the arcade in the next year.

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