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Graveyard of Old Kings Island Rides Blog Post


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  • 4 weeks later...

It looks as though the post was edited and several of the issues were corrected.

Here are all the corrections that have been made:

  1. Phantom Theater opened 1992 (previously said 1993)
  2. Der Spinnen Keggers previously misspelled as Der Spinning Keggers
  3. Bayern Kurve previously misspelled as Bayern Curve

There's still a few errors though:

  1. Flying Dutchman is listed as having closed in 1991, but 1990 was actually its last season
  2. Flight Commander is listed as having opened in 1991, but actually opened in 1990
  3. Rotor is listed as having closed in 1982, but I'm pretty confident its last season was 1979
  4. McScrappy's Slide is listed having closed in 1994, but it operated in 1995. This part has been updated though to note it opened as Flying Carpets, but that should be Flying Carpet.
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