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Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World

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I was lucky enough to score free tickets to the Happy Halloween Weekend at Holiday World for the last weekend of this month.  I've never been to HW's Halloween themed days so I was wondering how it compares to Halloween Haunt at Kings Island?  Also, I'm counting  on the park being super busy that weekend so what coasters should I definitely get a ride on before I leave?  

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Havne't been to it myself but have looked it up before and seems like it is much more family oriented. From what I've seen it's a kid friends event with a corn maze and a kids haunted house.

The park itself is fun though and the atmosphere will probably be great still. I'd make sure to hit up Thunderbird and Voyage while there. Both of those coasters are amazing.

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I also have never been, but from doing research, do not expect it to be like Kings Island's Haunt at all. No blood, gore, or scares- it's a very family friendly event. Also crowds are actually apparently fairly light, since the event is aimed at kids (so it does not draw the teenagers and stuff like KI's Haunt does) and the biggest draw to Holiday World, their GIANT waterpark, is closed. You should easily be able to ride all 4 big coasters (Raven, Legend, Voyage, and Thunderbird). Probably more than once, along with whatever flat rides tickle your fancy. Heck, I went on a super busy day in July this year and got on all 4 coasters no problem (though I did have to wait 1 hour for Thunderbird).

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