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You must admit PKI is trying to become a theme park. With parades,

redoing BB, and "hollywoodizing" The Beast, this is going to be a turn around

year for PKI.

I will go with the other rumor of a indoor mouse like Kennywoods Exterminator and it will be themed to Italian Job.

I can see PKI building a wild mouse, but not indoors.

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If PKI is going to become a "theme park", it needs to lean how to serve its customers. When I go to PKI I feel like a needle in a hay stack. Disney World sets a good example for PKI and if PKI wants to become a theme park, it needs to make its customers feel special. I personally do not see them improving in that area, so in their best interest, they should stay an amusement park. They are good at building thrill rides and big coasters, they should stick with that. Before Paramount purchased Kings Island, they provided a much higher level of customer service and offered more services to make your day more enjoyable even though they were an amusement park. If you look at this site http://pkiconnect.tripod.com/1974_Park_Guide.htm this information is pre Paramount You can see that they even provided a service that would take all your items you purchased through out the day and hold them till you decided to leave. Just little services like that made your day much less stressful and enjoyable.


What more do you want? Too many people come into the park to have some warehouse holding everyone's belongings, first of all we have plenty of lockers and it would just cause problems (people saying they had money missing etc.) Now here's just a few examples of how great our guest service is: 1. Beast Power Hour nuff said, 2. An actual person hands out Gold Pass Fast Pass tickets instead of a machine like other parks. 3. Very little automated speils, most are said in person (especially Train and Tower), 4. Greeters (including the photo people at the entrance of the park) 5. Games Speils (if you can call it that) 6. The New Parade. 7. The five star amenities in Boomerang Bay, 8. Entertainment while waiting in line (Tomb Raider preshows, Beast documentary, QTV, FOF Preshow, Action Theater Preshow, SDATHC que line, etc.) 9. Food Venders in line and carts through the park, 10. The Parent Swap policy ....The list goes on and on.

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Anyhoo, back on topic. I would think that PKI could put in a larger Hypersonic XLC at PKI since now the technology has had the bugs worked out of it. See Dodonpa, located in Japan. You can find it at www.rcdb.com. Although, I would prefer something with length to it. Which brings me to my next point. Although I love the theming for the proposed Addams Family Vertical Drop coaster, it just doesn't do enough. PKI already has enough short coasters aka FOF, Face/Off. Now, they need a good, long, steel sit down type or a full circuit inverted coaster.

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This is what PKI needs!  Only twice the size.... 


The Xtreme Launch Coaster.The thrill ride of the new millennium! HyperSonic XLC is the only compressed-air launch coaster in the country. 0 - 80 mph in just 1.8 seconds.


PKD has one why can't we?!?!?!  -adam12

Believe me, you don't want another Hypersonic Wait You'll See!

The capacity is the bottom of the barrel....Can you say 8 people per circuit?????

Yes, that's right. EIGHT PEOPLE!

Can you say more downtime than a broken Otis Elevator?

Can you say WAITS that border on the ridiculous?

And lastly, 17 seconds people! Waiting 3+ hours for 17 seconds is, uh....well...I WON'T DO IT AGAIN.

On the other hand, waiting 3 hours for an 18 second TTD ride is a much different story~~~I've done it and will do it again! Don't compare apples to oranges....Hypersonic and TTD are two different animals. Sure, the 'elements' are similar and I believe inch for inch, HXLC goes faster than TTD. But that launch and the height on TTD just can't be duplicated.

Hypersonic Wait You'll See is/was a fun ride. But not for the wait. Not for me.

Has capacity issues and downtime issues to this day.


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I'll agree with that. However, the park does have the 3rd and 4th longest rollercoasters in the world (Beast and Sonny). Wait...what happened to Steel Dragon 2000? It's not on the RCDB list anymore. The site says it's been SBNO since late August. blink.gif

I think either the next coaster or the coaster after that that the park builds will be a good, long people eater. Something like a B&M or an Intamin would do just that. However, with the new "Hollywoodizing" scope the park has, I'm anxious to see what the park's next roller coaster move will be.

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Same here i cant wait to see what kinda coaster PKI will put in IF they do put in a coaster! I would like to see The Addams Family Coaster it looks cool and the Theming would be outta this World But on the Minus side the ride itself would be Very SHORT.So whatever Coaster move The park makes should be a good one!

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well the Addams family idea is neat, but they won't get a Vertical Drop. I don't know who has been following coaster news, but a Vertical Drop looks extremely promising for BGT next season, so 2 in one season is slim to happen. There are other types of B&M coasters out there, and i think PKI should grab one, doesn't matter what type, they need a B&M. biggrin.gif

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