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Fryler, that is very interesting. And, at the same time, sad. No coaster should go unfinished. Also, is the park where the unfinished coaster is located even open? And, yes, jesusfreak, it is a eurofighter. Here's the link to their web site....gerstlauer if you want to see more pics. Click on new projects for more pics. Or, you can see a lot more pics at rcdb here...typhoon

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I agree that no coaster should ever be built and not be opened. I'm not sure where they got the speed statistic from. According to RCDB, the park was opened in late 1982 with a few coasters, and the park built a few more in the '83 and '84 season. There was some kind of scandal during the construction of the park, and the park was not properly finished, however RCDB says that the park operated from 9/21/1982 to 11/10/2003. Apparently, the government runs/owns the park and it was supposed to be re-opened just two Saturdays ago (7/10) after being closed for several months for "mainenance reasons."

On this particular Intamin installation, there are no inversions.

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