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Is KI planning to rename rides?

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I was just looking at Google, and saw something very interesting. I've taken a screen snip to post here of what I saw, but either the Google machine has something wrong, or names are changing on rides in the coming season.... Capture.PNG.767fc6e401114a87401504a5d6846cda.PNG

This is something that has been going around... look at other parks. People are doing it as a joke.

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2 hours ago, lifetimecoaster said:

 Got ya... The Banshee one was confusing, but I could see the park giving a nod to history with changing Diamondback to King Chaos as a nod to King Cobra. 

I really hope not because I got the word "Diamondback" tattooed on my arm so I hope they don't change it.

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