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Which Engine Do You Prefer?

Which Train? Blue Or Green  

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I prefer the green because it's the less cosmetically touched of the two locomotives.



The blue one just seems to "colorful" for me. I like the way it used to look back in the 70s when it was originally built with blue domes and a larger smoke stack. The straight stack it currently has isn't completely accurate to the look of an 1800s locomotive. The train resembles more of a coal-burning locomotive as they had straight smoke stacks whereas wood-burning locomotives had bigger smokestacks from the ash cumulated by the wood. 

I've been told they modified the blue engine to give it a little more personality and individuality from the green engine but I still prefer its old look.


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51 minutes ago, silver2005 said:

Question- did the whistles on the locomotives used to be louder?  I seem to recall being able to hear them from outside the park.

I have no preference BTW.

I think they did.

Look at the video from 2008 vs 2010 and you can hear a noticable difference

After 2010 they were pretty loud. Sometime after that, around 2016, they got quiet again- similar to 2008.

2008- quiet

After 2010-loud



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On 5/31/2019 at 12:31 AM, 139Signal27 said:

It just depends on how loud the engineer decides to blow the whistle. Those whistles could blow out your ear drums if they were opened all the way.

I read this thinking:

Ya know, that sounds so awesome we need to try that :lol: lol jk

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