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Cedar Point 2020 Discussion

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I think they're gonna add a new section. Its been rumored for a while that they're going to add a boardwalk area reminiscent of Coney Island and other old school coasters. With the park removing their onsite dorms all attention is gonna be on that area during the 2019 season.

I don't think they'll necessarily need a new coaster for their anniversary. If it were me I would focus more on appearance and drawing more families to the park- I think they have plenty of coasters to keep the enthusiasts happy for a while.

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None of the aforementioned are food items haha. 

I dig the boardwalk idea though. Last year after spending 3 days at CP, I finally took note of those abysmal dorms. Holy train wreck Batman. Looked ghetto fabulous.

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53 minutes ago, Maverick44 said:

** Triple post** Sorry no on is commenting lol

Another cool blog for 2019/2020

They are taking Corkscrew's paint job back a few years!

Also in the blog look how he italicized "Interesting". Thoughts?



I'm honestly really happy about this. (Probably a bit too happy about it)


Bringing back the old retro train design was something I was really wanting for the longest time. And now they actually went and did it, but also made it better. Now I'm actually really looking forward to riding it again.


And to me, the "Interesting" is just Tony wanting to spark up discussion/rumors like he does all the time when talking about the future.

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