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Klabergian Empire

Discussion on Firehawk and Surrounding Land Use

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Please note that the picture below is not found on google. I used this website (https://www.mapdevelopers.com/area_finder.php) to zone in on an area that you could use either to put in a Giga coaster or a new area of the park. Now, I'm not suggesting that KI only use this land, but in my opinion i think that KI could benefit from using this land to expand X-Base or a new area of the park. Please also note that i'm not necessarily talking about Firehawks station, but I was thinking about what ideas I had to use this land for. My suggestion would be an expansion of X-Base into where Firehawk is now with the park adding some space themed rides. And then use the Dinosaurs Alive path as a future expansion for the Antique Auto's Ride. At the top of it all, add a Giga. 


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