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Renovation Predictions

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I just walk the path sometimes, even if I'm not going on WWC. You can get pretty close to Mystic Timbers.  It's not as long as the old one, I believe. I did like how the exit was separate from the entrance. Plus the bridge going over the railroad.

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I will have to do that. WWC is definitely my favorite rapids ride I ever have been on. I liked how the old path was secluded. I’ll try to do the area between beast and Diamondback tomorrow!

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Ok, here are my suggestions for each area of the park:

ALSO, I know these are critiques about the park, but these are somewhat my predictions for future renovations and such


-Find a way to include original themes into the buildings, like a new German shop or something unique   (keep in mind several of my suggestions were taken by the I-Street renovation)

-Find a way to re-open the 50ft platform on the Eiffel Tower

Action Zone:

- Find a way to establish a central theme. What I mean is in my mind's eye, Action Zone is a cluster-bomb of rides that didn't fit anywhere else in the park because of themeing. There are SOOOOO MANY different themes like Banshees theme and Congo Falls theme, its just wow. Great rides but lack of theme.


- I think to a certain point that Oktoberfest has been nothing but abandoned by the park (other than the Glockenspiel return and cosmetic updates to the Festhaus). I say this because the area hasn't received a single ride or attraction in probably over 20 years (maybe even longer). Not to mention the fact that literally almost all original themeing is gone. The Bier Garden is now a burrito shack and Festhaus has literally no German food whatsoever (except for Winterfest, which was pretty decent). So, my recommendation is the revival of the German theme of Oktoberfest.

- Remove or relocate Sling Shot. Personally, I wouldn't be sad to see it go because you could probably find one at literally any other amusement park. But, for Cincinnati, this is probably the closest one without driving 3 hours someplace, so at least move it to Action Zone. ( I have nothing against Sling Shot, I just think the land could have been used for better purposes)

-Add a new Bavarian Beetle in place of Sling Shot.

- Expand Oktoberfest between Adventure Express and Racer and in the process add some German themed flat rides or another small coaster.There is definitely room for one going between Adventure Express and Flight of Fear into the woods behind it.


- First off, this is a toughy.  The only way X-Base could expand is if they remove the maintenance sheds and/or expand out to where Firehawk used to be. 

- Add a giga or launch coaster. Adding one of these to X-Base is probably the best thing to do if X-Base (as an area of the park) is to keep a substantial flow of people. And in the process add a couple of extreme flat rides


-Won't say much regarding Racer except for keeping it high maintenance and pray for a return of the original color scheme.

-Kings Mills Antique Autos- I made this a separate thing because while I did anticipate a return of the Antique Car ride, I was surprised to the fact it was made only a quarter mile in length. Personally, I think it would have been better to find a way to have utilized then Dinosaurs Alive trail as the route. But then again, the park could use that as a future expansion to the ride. But in a sense it would potentially interfere with a possible new giga, so yeah.

-Renovate Vortex. I have heard from so may people on how rough Vortex is and how maybe its time for a light renovation.

-Remove or relocate Back-lot Stunt Coaster. I feel that the ride doesn't really fit a "coney" theme but more as to a home in Action Zone would make more sense. As for what would replace it, I would say another small coaster, probably wooden.


-Similar to the situation with Oktoberfest, Rivertown has lost its theme a little bit. In recent years that has changed a bit but it would make more sense to bring back maybe a few western ideas to the place a bit.

-Let Rivertown re-annex the gosh darm log flume!! IT DOESN"T REALLY NEED TO BE IN Planet Snoopy!!!!!!

Planet Snoopy:

-In reality, I don't see anything wrong with Planet Snoopy. It has a great selection of rides for kids of all ages to ride, it has earned the park awards for its popularity, overall, it doesn't really need to change.


-I'm messing with you on this one:D:P


Again, these are to most critiques about the park and what can be improved. But at the same time, I see them as my predictions as to what the park will update/renovate next.

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2 hours ago, robintodd said:

I'd love to see some attention to the train ride.  Maybe not bring back the shooting Indians of old, but having a sister city to Bonesville at Cedar Point would be awesome!

Completely agree! 

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I am hoping to see a renovation of the actual entrance buildings. They look pretty old with how the shingles go around the entire main entrance, and the ticket area looks out of date. 

I found these pictures on google images, not sure if this is someone’s imagination or if they were commissioned to create a new entrance design. 

EDIT: I see now that he said “self-initiated concepts”. These are still cool to see  


Source: http://matthunterross.com/kings-island#

These were my favorites!

I am also REALLY hoping to see some work done to Adventure Express. I rode it last weekend and that last tunnel is a mess. The emergency door was open and falling apart, there was no audio playing, many of the guys arms were not moving, little to no lights working and the guy at the top was completely turned off. Hopefully they can do a light renovation of AE soon!

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