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Nickelodeon Mess-A-Mania 1995

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This is what you missed if you are too young to remember the 90’s.

Snoopy’s Barnyard Friends/Peanuts Ampetheater was once the Nickelodeon Ampetheater and it had shows that involved being loud and making a mess. It really was a bright spot in the modern history of the kids section of the park. As you can see, the theater was very different at the time. It’s almost recognizable now! It had tiered seating and a marginally elaborate stage set. Once Viacom stopped investing in the park the seats were removed, the floor was leveled out, and it was used for character meet and greets. Once Cedar Fair took over, they added seats and rebuilt the stage. It features Peanuts-themed shows but failed to capture the magic that the venue once had. In 2015 it became a petting zoo.

Here is a professional video of Mess-Mania from 1995. The actual footage doesn’t start until about a minute and a half in. Give it a look to see what was!

Do you remember the old Nickelodeon Central (NOT Universe)? Were you or anyone you know in the show? What’s Gak anyway?



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I saw this show a couple of times. I’m more familiar with Nickelodeon Central than Nickelodeon Universe and I remember the the area where you could run through the slime, if that’s the correct term for it?

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7 hours ago, fyrfyter said:

I remember this. GAK = Games and Kids

Haha that was their rebuttal. Gak was a street name for heroin in the 90’s and they producers named the slime “Gak” as an inside joke and it just kind of stuck.

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This was a show that did an arena tour across the country.  I remember going to it at the Nutter Center in Dayton.  Ironically, I don't think I ever saw the show at Kings Island.  I'm sure they saved a lot of money on production costs for the show by using the same format as the traveling show. 

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