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SITE (Student in Themed Entertainment) OSU - 1st ever student-led themed entertainment conference!

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Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've been active on here, but figured I'd make my way back to share about an exciting event that was held this past weekend at Ohio State. I'm the VP of our Theme Park Engineering Group, essentially a group of students of any major and background who have interest in the amusement industry, and we hosted the first ever student-led themed entertainment industry conference.

Named SITE OSU (Students in Themed Entertainment), it has been in the works since October and took lots of planning and effort from our club, especially the committee that was responsible for organizing and putting it all together. It was such an incredible, fun, and successful event, and I did a write-up/report on it which I figured I would share here for your enjoyment and to learn about what exactly that conference entailed. In summary, there were 65 college students from across the midwest that attended, over a dozen industry professionals, and a full day filled with presentations, networking, and friendship. Several professionals gave really cool presentations about their respective jobs and companies, and we also hosted a student project fair to share what we all have been working on with relation to engineering and the amusement industry. Add in lots of time to casually and informally socialize all together and build industry connections, and it was an amazing conference.

SITE Logo.png





Here are just a few pictures from the event, and be sure to check out my full report found here to learn all the event details and see the rest of the pictures from the weekend!


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