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Coasting For Kids Returns sans Cedar Fair

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Coasting For Kids, benefiting Give Kids The World, is returning in 2019! 

This year, there will not be any Cedar Fair parks, there are a few Six Flags parks taking park and several smaller parks, such as Quassy, Kennywood and Indiana Beach.

If I remember correctly in the past participants had to pay a registration fee on top of raising funds....this year, there is not a registration fee for riders, but participants have to raise a minimum of $100 to be eligible to participate. 

There is not a standard day for the fundraising event....the earliest is happening in March and as of right now the latest is happening in September. 

The one thing I see in regards to cohesiveness of the event is that the released schedule shows that the "event" really is happening before the park opens to the public on it's day. The schedules show "exclusive access" to a specific coaster or coasters. Once the park opens for the day the schedules show "all access to _____." 

I currently am looking at participating at Kennywood, to enjoy Steel Curtain as part of the schedule for the event! 


To find out more visit: http://support.gktw.org/site/PageNavigator/c4k_parks.html

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Most of the parks have announced the day that they are hosting the event. 

Initially, Kennywood was going to have ERT on Racer and Jack Rabbit, but the schedule has since changed to replace Racer with Steel Curtain. If this stays solid and doesn't change, I will be on Steel Curtain the entire time! I love Jack Rabbit, but would likely skip the lines for Steel Curtain all day. 

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