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Phantom Therater......returns?

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On 2/11/2019 at 6:52 PM, KIfan73 said:

If one of the purposes of having a "kids area" at an amusement park is to create lifelong customers, there hasn't been anything in that building that's gotten that job done in a long time.

Oh, I beg to differ. I'm 40, so probably too old to have an opinion on Boo Blasters (but I have one: I'm not a fan), but my 7-year-old son loves it. It's his favorite ride at the park. He rides it about five times each trip and talks about it all year (we live in Detroit, so Kings Island is a one year thing). 

He talks about it in the way I talked about Smurfs Enchanted Voyage when I was a kid or my brother talked about Phantom Theater. You eventually outgrow what's there and something else (sometimes inferior, in our eyes) takes its place, but those are the experiences that kids hold to and ultimately create lifelong fans. I'd say it's working pretty well. 

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On 3/5/2019 at 11:52 AM, cdubbs727 said:

You eventually outgrow what's there and something else (sometimes inferior, in our eyes) takes its place

Oh it's more than just in our eyes. I would say Boo Blasters is objectively inferior. First time I got on that thing I was like "...what the **** is this?" Plywood everywhere, most of the targets don't even do anything when you hit them, that cheesy horrible video Skeletor looking thing that I guess is the bad guy? ...It's a county fair version of the MIB ride, and it hardly even works anymore. I get you though, my kids like it as well.


@Maverick44 I'm with you! Don't give up the fight! #PhantomReturns

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4 hours ago, ldhudsonjr said:

Most of the targets don't even do anything when you hit them. 

That is a bit of an exaggeration. I am not sure if you meant the moving items when hitting a particular target, or just getting points?

I agree there's a handful of moving items not working, some targets not working, and a few bad guns, but to say most is not a factual statement.

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Does anybody know of a good ride-through video of Phantom Theater? The few that I found on YouTube are really low-quality. I seem to remember watching one a couple years back that was decent but I can’t find it now.

Also, can anyone remember what the setting was for the room that used the Pepper’s Ghost effect? The big room with the reflected animatronics? I can only picture the big ballroom from Haunted Mansion and can’t for the life of me remember what ours was.

And yes, though this thread has been dead for a while, I’d love to see PT return. I don’t think the park knew what they had when they tore it out. For a regional park to have a nearly-disney-level dark ride Is almost unheard of. If Disney tore out Haunted Mansion there would be riots haha. I’m sure the park wouldn’t want to spend the money especially since in its last few years the ride wasn’t all that popular, but there’s really no comparison to boo blasters in terms of quality. And really cool to have original characters unique to our park, made with that quality level. I’d love if we took a turn back to the true “theme” park days.

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I think the closest thing we will get to seeing Phantom Theater from this point on would be a fully rendered 3D recreation of the ride. Consumer level modeling software has certainly reached the point where such a project would be easy for a park like King's Island to do. It all really depends on whether or not something like Phantom Theater would be something that would market well to kids well in the 2020s-2030s. It's likely not in the park's interest to bring it back to their kid section in our current social climate, but who knows?

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