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Phantom Therater......returns?

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On 2/11/2019 at 6:52 PM, KIfan73 said:

If one of the purposes of having a "kids area" at an amusement park is to create lifelong customers, there hasn't been anything in that building that's gotten that job done in a long time.

Oh, I beg to differ. I'm 40, so probably too old to have an opinion on Boo Blasters (but I have one: I'm not a fan), but my 7-year-old son loves it. It's his favorite ride at the park. He rides it about five times each trip and talks about it all year (we live in Detroit, so Kings Island is a one year thing). 

He talks about it in the way I talked about Smurfs Enchanted Voyage when I was a kid or my brother talked about Phantom Theater. You eventually outgrow what's there and something else (sometimes inferior, in our eyes) takes its place, but those are the experiences that kids hold to and ultimately create lifelong fans. I'd say it's working pretty well. 

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