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Gold to Platinum cost?

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2 minutes ago, 4runneradam said:

I've searched and searched, couldn't find the answer.  I have a 2019 gold pass.  Would like to go platinum.  Do I just pay the difference of $85 and upgrade, or do I have to do something different?

Yes, you would just pay the difference, and then process to a platinum.

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The cost to you to upgrade will actually be the current price of platinum, minus the price you actually paid for gold.


So if you got the gold when they were cheaper, or on a discount buyout day, the delta between current platinum what you paid may be higher than current platinum and current gold prices.


Same will apply to your dining plan... You'll need to pay current platinum dining price minus the actual gold dining price that you paid when you bought it.


But yes, you can do it.



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