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Vekoma Madhouse/Triotech XD dark ride

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I know I am new here but that is a possible ride that will be coming too Kings Island.

Crash Bandicoot: Temple of the Lost: That will be in the crypt building in river town (soon to be rename magical) And it will be a Vekoma Madhouse no doubt. It will also Fit it inside the building.


Spyro the Dragon: Gnasty Genorc Revenge: That will be the Triotect ride in the Action Theater. Type will be like Raving Rabbids Battle Team but Working together and to see what team have the higher score.


(p.s. I really love crash and spyro, also they have 2 video game dark ride in each Cedar Fair parks, so it will not hurt a try to get another one.)

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Welcome to KIC. 

Just so you know if you are going to make a claim that these may be possible new rides with specific information, you need to provide a source. If it's something you personally would like to see say that so we don't get confused. 

Again welcome to KIC! 

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1 hour ago, Cedar Fair Fanboy said:

ok, What is your opinion

I'm not familiar with the Vekoma Madhouse....

Triotech eh....I've not heard positive things on how Wonder Mountain's Guardian have aged.

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yes you do and maybe that madhouse will be the king of all madhouse.

*finger cross*


and also i wanna point out is a theater style dark ride.

They needed that since they remove Action Theater and only used the right side for Haunt.


I am talking about the Triotech XD dark rides.

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