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Cedar Fair Fanboy

The BIGGEST question in my mind when I look at that crypt building.

Vekoma Madhouse coming to Kings Island Crypt building?  

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On 3/20/2019 at 10:40 AM, matt112986 said:

Which is weird since I've been on the one in Six Flags Great Adventure and there is supposed to be one in Six Flags New England as well.

Odd. I used the link @Cedar Fair Fanboy linked to the thread and the site claimed to only have 6-out-of-country madhouses.

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BTW, went by the Crypt building tonight- no changes, even on the parts you can't see on the webcam.  

Also, the clearing by X-Base/Racer pretty much confirms the 2020 focus in on the opposite side of the park.  

@Cedar Fair Fanboy Your intent doesn't matter- its your actions/posts that are showing you to be that way.  If you want us to think differently of you- stop edging us on.   If you have evidence- present it.  If you have none, then you don't have an argument.  Its even more obvious what you're doing to us by dismissing our suggestions and trying to get us to focus on this bogus Vekoma Madhouse spiel and acting like you're some sort of know-it-all, like you have this alleged information and are just keeping it from us for your own pleasure.  That attitude is present through nearly the entirety of your posting history.    

I will be hard on you about this because clearly, you don't understand or don't care the consequences of what you're doing in posting the kind of information you are posting on a site that has connections to the park itself and is a place that many others come and look for information regarding Kings Island.

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I hope that they add a dark ride! I think that there needs to be more dark rides and indoor coasters. They have already started upping the game of adding more shade! More A/C would be nice, since most of the park is asphalt (which seems to be quickly changing with the addition of pavers).

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