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2019 KI map officially released

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18 minutes ago, JubJester said:

Thanks to that before and after of the maps, I caught some cool little artist changes. Anyone know what that building that was replaced with seating was?





It was like a little stand selling corn on the cob and turkey legs(?) IIRC.

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FYI: The smoking section near Flight of Fear was there during Winterfest 2018. I know because my friends+sister I go to KI with usually smoked there while I rode Flight of Fear 4 times in a row (thank you single rider line!). :P Looks like it's staying there for the 2019 season at least, though.

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15 minutes ago, Cedar Fair Fanboy said:

Guys you can stop calling it the royal fountain.

It's now called the Royal SHOW Fountain!


You can not make a claim something as fact without a source. Please show us proof that it is indeed called the Royal SHOW Fountain.

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