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The Beast 40th Anniversary

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4 hours ago, TheFloppyDisc said:

I follow a few of the Youtubers who are coaster enthusiasts and ElToroRyan posted this video recently about The Beast. I thought people would be interested in seeing what he had to say about it.


I saw this video the other day. I agree on how he calls Beast "The World's Biggest Backyard Coaster"- it kinda does fit that bill when you think about it. Also while I had connected Beast's "lineage" to Dinn Corp., CCI, GCI, and Gravity Group he pointed out how RMC's rise is also, in part, due to The Beast. So my current favorite coaster- Cedar Point's insane Steel Vengeance- likely would not even exist if not for The Beast.

Plus, even though it may not have a crazy intense layout (minus the final helix- I really wonder how intense those early rides pre-1979 opening day must have been with the reduced banking AND no trims there!) The Beast is still an incredibly fun ride and my favorite coaster at Kings Island as well (not sure if Orion will dethrone it or not). I like the bouncy feeling the ride gives (well 99% of the time- some wheel seat rides went from bouncy to actually rough), how immersive the ride is with the wooded setting (I hope Orion doesn't hurt this too much), the fact it is actually a LONG ride so you feel you get something worthwhile after a long wait, the views from both lift hills are epic (the 2nd lift has my favorite view from any lifthill I have ever been on so far- though Magnum XL200's first hill comes close) and of course the super intense double helix is probably my favorite element STILL on any coaster ever. Add all this up, and in spite of the straight track and trims, you still have a amazing ride in my book.


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I saw that video too, and The Beast is one of the best classic coasters in the world, and for that reason, I dont think it can be held to the same standards of other newer coasters, but for a coaster as old as The Beast, it still gives a great ride. 

If GCI ever retracked it, they could probably add significantly more speed to it.

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