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5 hours ago, TheBEASTunchained said:

Word on the street is that a support of some kind (I’m guessing transfer?) went up last night. Anyone at the park to confirm? Someone may need a good camera lol. But again this is just what I’ve heard. Have not been to the park.

I'm guessing that's a pretty shady street. 

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25 minutes ago, Imperial79 said:

Oh you have?  Okay.  Have you been on it? Where does it rank for you (if you’ve been on it)? :)


23 minutes ago, LovinMeSomeBanshee said:

And it's also one of the best coasters in the world.  Length isn't everything.

I haven't been on it, nor did I claim to have been or make any comments on it's quality. You implied people don't complain about how short it is, and I'm saying that's not true.

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4 minutes ago, collin.klopfstein said:

Looks like a trash can to me

Looks like a trash can

That's what I was thinking too but too far away to confirm what it is. I thought the supports would be silver/white not blue so I'm doubting that is a support but hard to tell from this distance 


getting ready to ride racer aget a better look. Nothing on the fence 

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5 minutes ago, fryoj said:

The supports for the storage shed will be light gray, not blue. 

Yeah that's what I thought too. I don't think it's a support but I'm not close enough to confirm yet but if you look closely at the picture it has a white lid so I'm guessing water cooler. Can't believe I skipped going to Soak City to get a picture of that crap lol 

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